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Know Your Worth.

We are on a mission to lead others towards discovering purpose and self-worth through the pursuit of passion. We all have felt what it’s like to struggle with self worth. Growing up we faced a lot of struggle that left us without hope at times. We were confused by being told we could be anything while looking around and seeing people we love struggle just to make ends meet. Reality hit as we realized there are so many people who are lost and feel alone; struggling to accept themselves and turning to vices to feel fulfilled. We didn't want to follow that path. We wondered why after years and years of schooling we never were taught anything about ourselves; about real life. There are people of all ages who still don't know why they're here. We looked back and recognized that our passions and beliefs were what kept us off the wrong path, what gave us purpose. Maybe it was that simple. If only people would know their worth, if only they knew that they have a unique purpose in this life that no one else could fulfill, if they had the courage to go after the things that set their hearts on fire, maybe then we'd see less emptiness, less loneliness, less pain. If only they knew that fear was a liar and that their greatest life is waiting for them on the other side of it. If only they could be lead to stop selling themselves short, to stop discouting themselves. We dreamt about what the world might look like then. We woke up and realized, maybe we can do that.

Join us every other Monday as we lead you towards understanding yourself and overcoming obstacles in the way of fulfilling your purpose.


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